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Thursday, September 23, 2010

What Their Flag Should Look Like

As I bopped around the interweb yesterday, I got thinking; why do some flags look the way they do? They are certainly not what I would have picked for your nation/state/sexual orientation. The more I thought about it, the angrier I got. What right do they have to display a flag that misrepresents their organization?
How about I redesign your flag? I’ll do it free of charge. Because that’s the kind of guy I am.
Japan-  Japan’s flag is a red dot on a white background. I’m told it’s meant to symbolize the sun. Who ever heard of a red sun? At least distinguish it with a smiley face and sunglasses or something. Also, the Nintendo logo should be on the corner.

Cook Islands- Okay really, someone needs to get original. I do believe England and Colonial America had that flag first. Ya ol’ copy cats. I would make a blue-green background (to symbolize water) and 15 little green dots to symbolize the islands. Actually, it might be easier to get on Google maps and take the sky view and make that the flag. There. What a good flag.
 Iraq-  Earth to Iraq: No one can read squigglies. I don’t mind the black and red stripes, but seriously, get rid of the Arabic. Maybe you could put a picture of Iraq or something on it to make it more interesting. That way Yemen won’t have to change their flag, which by the way, looks awesome.

The Gays (LGBT)- The Rainbow flag has always been used by many groups around the world to symbolize diversity and includiveness. So now why does the LGBT community now get to adopt this longstanding tradition as their own sole flag? I propose that the colors should be scrambled, making the color scheme "queer". Also, they could cut the flag into an upside down triangle, much like Napal's flag (which, for the record, is the raddest flag out there).
France/French Guiana- These flags are exactly the same. I understand that France has to let the whole world know that they own a sweet piece of real estate where the average high is in the 80’s. I get that. True to form, the French are snobbie show offs. Let’s distinguish this flag with a 2 on it. Like so.

Libya- I like how your flag is just one color. Definitely a bold choice. My only issue is, well, why green? There’s definitely nothing green about your country. Maybe it should be tan like the desert, or red like the tomato sauce on the pasta, which is also Italian influenced.
Poland-  I’d make tire tracks across the flag. It seems that, no matter where a country is located, Poland must be tromped through to get there. Poland just gets rolled over every stinkin’ time. Maybe I should put on tank tracks to remind them to get out of the way next time.
The only flag I wouldn’t change? Antarctica. My hats off to you guys for being strait forward and saying exactly what you mean. Bravo.

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