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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

73 Days ‘Til Christmas!

The last run ‘til Christmas. Crunch time is upon us, have you come up with the best present ever? If you haven’t, let it be known that you are a terrible human being. Also, that doll your daughter wants? Sold out in July. Welcome to America.
Coming up with the greatest present your loved ones have ever received is an art performed delicately. You don’t want to give one daughter a car, and the other one a laptop. It is vitally important you carefully compare the magnitude of each gift, being sure that one present does not overshadow another. Also, you don’t want to go too big, too fast. You’ve got at least 18 years for each kid to spread your Christmas spirit all over!
Also, your presents must be thoughtful. As they say, it’s the thought that counts. I can imagine getting the most expensive Barbie car they make. But what use is that to me? Make sure that, aside from being expensive, that your presents are useful. Kids understand that you love them however many dollars you spend on them, but they also like to get some use out of their presents. Value is in the eye of the beholder!
Lastly, make sure that, while buying your gifts, that you don’t do a whole “Gift of the Magi” thing. Also, make sure someone else isn’t planning on getting the same exact gift. Trust me, I know.
Last Christmas, as I was pondering on the perfect gift for my wife, I had cause to think about our current living situation. At that time, we had moved every couple of months, and we had not yet obtained much furniture. Naturally, I lovingly decided to purchase a sofa for her Christmas present.
So did she.
I went into the store and bought the couch, and made arrangements with her father to help me bring it home. We were to surprise her with the couch by hiding it in the basement and giving it to her on Christmas. She literally had the exact same idea!
When I walked in, I could not believe my eyes. There was the couch she had bought for MY Christmas present! Needless to say, my couch stayed at the store. I’m willing to bet this is not the last time this will happen, nor will this be the last time we laugh about it!
As we speedily approach this Christmas season, please remember that even though it is better to give than to receive, someone will be receiving, so please put yourself into their shoes. Would you REALLY like to get a belt for Christmas? Get real, guy.


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