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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dress for Success

It has been said that you should dress for the job you want. The spirit of this saying is that you should dress extremely well when going to an interview, and you’ll get a great job where you get to dress up like that every day. Go ahead, experiment on this; go to an interview in flip flops and a tank top, see if you get the job. You see?
Looking awesome, and therefore being awesome, is something we have all learned from a young age. As early as elementary school, it was always the kids who dressed popular who were popular. On the flip side, the kids who dressed nerdy were nerds, the girls who dressed slutty were sluts, and the guys who only wore sleeveless shirts and sport shorts were complete tools. This simple rule has been proven time after time.
Theoretically, you could dress for any job you want. You could dress like a bag boy or a garbage man if that’s where you want to work. You could dress the way you want, though it may look like Halloween every day. Wouldn’t that be fun though?
So what if you want a job in a boy band? My friend Kev and I were reflecting on our hopes and dreams the other day, and he mentioned that his dream growing up was to be a member of The New Kids on The Block, right alongside Mark Wahlberg (the early years).
So how would he have to dress for success as a member of NKOTB?
First, we have to look at the clothes. These guys wear oversized vests, leather jackets, or no shirt at all. While this look is not for everyone, the confidence to try it will make you stand out above the crowd. As for pants, the baggier the better. If at least 4 inches of your boxers must be showing at all times, you’re not doing it right. You could even wear overalls with the straps undone, that looks awesome.
Next, the hat. Whether it’s a backwards baseball cap, an upside-down visor, or a fedora, any cap will do. Even a bandana is great, as long as it’s worn with attitude. A classic black hat of any style will work at any occasion. Whether it’s a casual boys night out, or you’re wearing a tuxedo, you will always look awesome.
Now the hair, facial and otherwise. Bleached tips on spiked hair is great, the curly pompadour works too, but cutting steps in the side is the best style for NKOTB success.  Facial hair is a very particular science, and must be attended to on an artistic level. You might try a pencil thin beard, or the ever classic soul patch.
If either of these are not possible, due to poor ability to grow hair in those places, you can modify the hair that is already present: your eyebrows. Shaving a line or two into your eye brows is a great way to make a statement that you will do what it takes to succeed.
Remember, it’s all about attitude. Part of dressing for success is acting in a way that reflects the style you’re trying to pull off. You must be able to wear any and all of these styles and act like you mean it. You’ll never get anywhere if you’re embarrassed about people watching you strut your stuff.
Individually, these tips will not have the power to launch you into boy band legend, but when combined together, you might just be the newest member of The New Kids on The Block!
Hope this helps, Kev! Good luck!


  1. YES!!! This totally helped bro, THANKS!!

  2. haha digging this jordan. If only kev could dress like one of the back street boys, then im sold!

  3. Going home tonight & clipping a line (or two) into my eyebrows & reverting back to my swagger strut!


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