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Friday, November 5, 2010

Not Sleeping

Believe it or not, I am a sucker for a good challenge. As of right this second, I am about 25 hours deep into a sleep deprivation study for a class at school. The sucker part comes from the fact that it is not required. Actually, I made the whole project up!

Basically, I'm giving a report on sleep disorders, and thought it would be totally lame to get up there and recite some facts that could be read in the text book. Retarded, eh? Well, lucky for everyone, this sucker is a friggin' awesome sucker who likes a bit of over kill once in a while!

What am I feeling? Not that tired actually. A few times during the night, my eyes got droopy, but otherwise I am pretty energized. I actually painted my whole upstairs! We'll see in a few days after I've slept if it is any good, but that's beside the fact. I am awesome!

The project will last at least 50 hours (my presentation will take place during hour 49!) but it could last longer. I'm going to ask for extra credit points for every hour I stay up. Schilling for points never got more radical!

Kids, do not follow my example. I am an overzealous some-dude who has gone overboard.

*Please excuse the nature and format of this post, I thought it was relevant at the time. Only time will tell.

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