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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Top 10 Ways You Know You Live in Utah

10.  Hunting season is a state holiday.
9.    People get mad when you swear.
8.    Everybody knows your name, even those whom you don't want to.
7.    If you ask a question, it's answered in scripture form.
6.    "You're not going to the celestial kingdom" is considered a burn.
5.    All the flippin' four letter words are spelled differently than the darn rest of the country.
4.    There are carrots in your Jell-o.
3.    The most common haircut is "The Missionary".
2.    More people watch General Conference than the Super Bowl.
1.    Chapels here are like Starbucks everywhere else.

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  1. haha, makes sense. I'm definitely living in utah


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