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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Thank you letter to NASA

Dear NASA,

On October 14, 2010, I sent a letter containing my application to the space program as well as my designs and an artist's concept drawing of the new space suit designs. I am thrilled to have read that you are using my designs! I know that this will both make the astronauts feel less self conscious, and it will spark an interest in the upcoming generation to go into space exploration.

Again, I am flattered and excited that you have decided to use my ideas for the space suit. As I discovered the new design from the internet and not a formal recognition letter, I saw that my name was left out of the credits. There is no need for royalties or to give me credit, I understand that the good people who actually built it should be the ones listed on the patent. All I'm interested in is a "thank you" for giving you the ideas. I mean, obviously, they changed the design a little from my original design, but it is close enough to merit a thank you note.

I eagerly await your reply, and hey, if there's an invitation to come tour the facility, I'm not opposed to that!

Thank you,
Gordon T. Witherbottom, III

PS Sorry about Neil. He was my personal hero, I always dreamed of battling space aliens along side him. He's walking on the great moon in the sky now.

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